Welcome to Wallingford Massage Studio.  My name is Ruth Hesse, and I have been practicing massage since 2007.   Previously, I worked at CORE Chiropractic, Paul Perrotta and Associates Massage, Monroe Therapeutic Massage (Ballard), Waking Life Massage, and Massage Envy (Northgate).

The most common thing I see in my practice is tight upper back, neck and shoulders, as well as low back pain.  Most of these problems are caused by too many hours in front of the computer or driving.  I focus on anterior work to relax over-flexed muscles, giving over-stretched muscles a chance to resume a neutral state.  Anterior work reduces neck, back, and shoulder pain, improves posture, and makes breathing easier. My massage is a combination of deep tissue and Swedish with elements of orthopedic massage thrown in for good measure.  I also offer Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapy, which is done with the feet so that I can use my entire body weight to deliver long, broad, deep flowing strokes.

I like working with people who are comfortable giving feedback, and who participate in their own wellness.  Clients who feel comfortable giving me feedback and who are engaged in their massages learn that communication opens up door to more than the textbook techniques that you can get anywhere.  Together we can learn what works best for you.

My favorite modalities/techniques are deep tissue, ashiatsu barefoot bar therapy, and massage cupping.  I love doing deep tissue for its specificity, and ashiatsu for the comfortable depth I am able to achieve.

When I am not doing massage, I enjoy monotype printmaking at my studio  in Wallingford, as well as Scrabble and hanging out with my cat, Carmine Julius Hussein Hesse.

Thank you for considering me in your search for a competent, caring, effective and creative therapist.

Ruth Hesse, LMP

Brian Utting School of Massage, 2007

#MA 00024934

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